10 Jun 2022

An Airport Private Retreat For Nursing Moms

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 8 in 10 mothers breastfeed their child at some stage of infancy in the United States. With about 80% of mothers nursing their children, that means that many moms who are traveling in airports are experiencing the dilemma of where to pump and feed in the airport. Trying to find a mother’s nursing room that’s clean and not occupied is a difficult process that so many women resort to a secluded corner of the airport or to standing in a bathroom stall. There are not that many private options to nurse your baby in airports. 

Minute Suites Wanted To Help

Minute Suites saw this challenge that mothers encounter on a daily basis and wanted to provide a solution. Since we rent out private suites to airport travelers that need to relax or get work completed, we thought why not offer a room free of charge to women who are breastfeeding. At Minute Suites, mothers can reserve a 30-minute stay in one of our suites to nurse their child or pump at no cost. Our suites are cleaned after every guest and are engineered to be a quiet and restful place to retreat away from the airport terminals.

If you are flying with multiple children, the entire family is welcome to join you in the room as you nurse or pump. We want to make your trip as stress-free and relaxing as possible. Not only does this service help women traveling with their infants, it helps moms on trips without their children trying to keep up their milk supply while away.

As of the end of 2019, Minute Suites has served over 22,000 mothers with free room rentals. That’s equal to about $840,000 in potential revenue we forgo to provide mothers with this much needed service. It is an extremely worthy cause and we believe that mothers around the world deserve a service like this to make the challenges of motherhood just a little easier. Knowing that we have helped the travels of so many nursing mothers is a badge of honor we wear proudly!

What Moms Say About Minute Suites

Many mothers rave about our services as you can see from the Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews about our nursing rooms:

Ameilia S. – Facebook

“Thank you so much for being accommodating to nursing mothers. The nursing room in the airport was full but I was still able to pump thanks to the kind staff at the ATL airport Minute Suites.”

Sydney K. – Google

“30 free minutes for moms to nurse or pump! AWESOME, MinuteSuites! Thank you! Great services and amenities as well. Love that there’s white noise and temperature and lighting options…”

Ashley R. – Google

“This was a life-saver. I was a little flustered traveling alone with my 8-month-old and couldn’t find anywhere to breastfeed in the airport. I didn’t realize Minute Suites offers a free room for breastfeeding moms. The woman working was so nice and the room was very clean. Thank you! What a great policy!”

Minute Suites For Moms

Minute Suites is happy to serve all hard working traveling mothers by providing our suites for nursing and pumping at absolutely no cost. Our suites are the perfect getaway within the airport to relax in private while you feed your child. If you’re a mother on a layover in one of our airports, be sure to book your 30 minute suite online today.