16 Jul 2019

Earn Rewards in Your Sleep

During your next long layover, you can check into a Minute Suites, settle in for a nap and wake up with points. How? By joining the Minute Suites Rewards Program (brought to you by Perkville).

Our brand new rewards program is totally free (in fact, we’ll give you 100 points just for signing up!). It’s a way of saying thanks to our loyal customers and operates on a point system that allows you to accrue points until you’re ready to use them to redeem credit toward your next Minute Suites stay—or other perks.

Here’s exactly how the program works: earn points; then redeem them. Once you sign up, our system will automatically track your progress. You can check in anytime to see points, perks and ways to earn more. But we’ll break down your options here:


There are a lot of ways to do that (and to keep the points coming):

  • Join the Rewards Program! = + 100pts
  • Follow us on Twitter (@MinuteSuites) = + 15pts
  • Tweet at us! = + 10pts
  • *Book a suite rental = + 5pts
  • Get charged for your rental = + 5pts for every $1
  • Complete a survey = + 25pts
  • Celebrate your birthday = + 500pts  

The kicker: Refer a friend! Once they book a Minute Suites, you get 1000pts (!).

For those who face layovers more than once a week, we want to offer bonus earnings to sweeten the deal:

  • *Booked Suite Rental Monthly Bonus
    Description: Stay 10x monthly = + 5000pts
  • *Booked Suite Rental Monthly Bonus
    Description: Stay 5x monthly = + 2000pts

*It’s important to note, any points awarded for booking do NOT apply to Priority Pass free stays or other comped visits (e.g. 30 free minutes for nursing moms). For our Priority Pass and other comped customers, please continue to enjoy us as one of your many Priority Pass membership benefits. We’re delighted to have you.


Once you have at least 1,000 points, spending them is a breeze. Just present your voucher via mobile device and the Guest Experience Agent will mark it as redeemed! If you prefer to bring a printed copy, no problem. You can hand that into the Guest Experience Agent instead.

What rewards can you redeem? We’re glad you asked:

  • $10 Minute Suites Credit for 500pts
  • $25 Minute Suites Credit for 1250pts
  • $50 Minute Suites Credit for 2500pts
  • $75 Minute Suites Credit for 3750pts
  • $100 Minute Suites Credit for 5000pts
  • $150 Minute Suites Credit for 7500pts
  • $200 Minute Suites Credit for 10000pts

We threw in a couple other options just for fun: Zipcar1UP and The Honest Co. discounts. You can find these deals and watch for additional perks at minutesuites.perkville.com/perks. Start earning right away, even before you book your next layover.