28 Oct 2020

Minute Suites Opens New Location in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Oct. 27, 2020 — Minute Suites is thrilled to announce a location opening in the new Terminal D of the Nashville International Airport (BNA). The opening date is set for November 5th. The site will feature five private suites and a bathroom with shower for guests to reserve for use.

“We are the natural place to go to escape the airport terminal and find your own space in the airport.” Daniel Solomon, Co-Founder and Director of Minute Suites says, “Our service will positively impact travelers’ experience in Nashville.”’

Since 2009, Minute Suites has been providing customers a hospital-grade clean retreat from the hustle and bustle of busy airport terminals. The pandemic setback construction schedules and openings, but Minute Suites is still pushing through to get several new locations open in the coming months.

Minute Suites provides clean and serene retreats for traveler’s with delayed flights or long layovers. The options for booking are flexible with the minimum stay set at one hour. Multiple locations feature a shower service that can be booked exclusively in 30-minute increments.

“We are excited to bring this innovative concept to the airport,” says Matt Jennings, Vice President of Fraport Tennessee. “The first Minute Suites at BNA will offer travelers a calm oasis with private suites for napping, relaxing, or working between flights. It’s another way we’re committed to serving passengers in this new era for air travel.”

Minute Suites currently has seven locations in five different airports around the country. To book reservations in advance, visit https://minutesuites.com/service/reservations/. In-person reservations are welcomed, but booking in advance is encouraged for planned layovers.