Clean & Serene

For ten years, Minute Suites’ top priorities have been your safety and comfort while traveling. As our founders are doctors, physicians, and surgeons, Minute Suites employed medical disinfection products for our cleaning protocol from our first business day in 2009. We have been the place to social distance yourself from others at the airport since we started.

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The “Clean & Serene” Promise

The motto is more than just words, it is the promise we give to our customers about our suites.

We stand by our slogan “Clean & Serene” throughout all aspects of our service.

Our suites and temporary office spaces offer a relaxing, noise-free space that is thoroughly sanitized between guests, while our bathroom and retail space receive the same rigorous cleaning procedure to ensure our entire space is “Clean & Serene.”

After a review of our cleaning protocol in early 2020 with a medical consultant, Minute Suites switched its disinfectant to a product called Oxivir, which is certified by the EPA to kill COVID-19 in 60 seconds or less.

Our suites and facilities are now cleaner and safer much faster!

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How Clean is the Minute Suites?

Whether you’re sleeping, working or just escaping the crowds in a Minute Suites, we want you to trust the space. That means knowing you’ll be safe from the many germs notorious in airline travel, whether in the plane or the terminal.

We’ve worked hard to make Minute Suites the cleanest part of an airport. Here’s how we did it!

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